Tartaurus Wonkyhoof, Equestrian moose

" I can’t believe how long I was gone. The farm’s a real mess. Bluhhhh I’m gonna hafta buy new tools to make up for this much backed up work."

That is so cool that you can do that, I don't know what would happen to me, I think they have a mind of their own, I have a feeling that they have feeling and that they joke us when threatened.

" Heh, Not the feeling I get from em. I think they’re just playful is all."

That wasn’t a long story. It was half a sentence,

" I simplified it ya dope!"

That's cool, so you are immune to the effects, but what value does it have, can you make potions with it?

" Probably! Most of my business is during April fools day, but folks still buy it regularly too."

So what is your cutie mark, a poison joke flower?

" Mmhmm! Bit of a long story but I grow the stuff!" He explained.

It's a nice hair color, Brightmind by the way.

" That it is! I’m Tart, nice to meet ya!"

This is weird, you strangely look like.

" Heh, lookit that! Same hair color at least!" Tart chuckled.

wordsmithreplies replied to your post
welcome back!! *gives cookies*

*Checks moose for signs of life*

*moose is alive and fine, just on hiatus*